What tips should I be looking at?

These are the options that will work best for the following vehicles

Dodge Chargers - Sometimes Dodge Chargers are a little tricky. The reason being is because if you drive a Standard SXT or R/T then you may have noticed that the rear diffuser has a rectangle style tip that is made into the diffuser from factory. With that being said, you would need to convert the rear diffuser to one with the round holes for the tips. Click here for a link to one

After installing the new diffuser with the one that has round tip cutouts there are TWO tip options you can go with depending on your pipe size.


If you drive any model of a V6 or Base 5.7L R/T Charger your pipe size is a 2.50 inch inlet, which means the tip needs to have a 2.50 inch inlet size to match the pipe. Here's an example of a 2.50 inch inlet tip click here for 2.50 inlet tip  (Options also in Gloss Black)

If you drive an SRT/Trackpack/Scatpack/Hellcat  then your pipe size is 2.75 inch from the factory and requires a 3.00 inch inlet tip, which can be found by clicking here  (Options also in Gloss Black)


Dodge ChallengersChallengers are very straight forward, we offer a Dual Tip that should work with any Challenger whether it's a V6,R/T, Scat, Hellcat etc. We offer these tips in Stainless Steel and Gloss Black